How to do corporate social purpose right.

An easy way to make your events fun and accountable.

Find good things to do in the neighborhood.

Our platform gives community organizers a way to leverage brand muscle to improve local communities.
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Community organizing is a club we can all join.
Organize events and seamless communication with your community with easy registration, reminders, and follow-up messaging tools.

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An easy way to make your events fun and accountable
Tools that support engagement between actions and events:

Group tools
Tracking attendance at events and participation in actions through our trustless verification

That warm glow when people are seen and heard

Find rewards your community members for showing up; reward them more for giving back

Learn more about your community through our survey tool
Find Partners That Pass the Vibe Check
Find local opportunities for your community to give back

Find brand partners to support your next event
Earn Badges
Badges are minted NFTs that give you benefits. You can display them on your LinkedIn, Linkinbio, Patreon and other bio areas to show people what you really stand for, not what you say you stand for.